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Mr. Vinod Singhal

Managing Director
Mr. Vinod Singhal, Managing Director of Shri Lakshmi Steel Suppliers is a successful businessman who was instrumental in diversifying the family owned FMCG business to construction business. Today under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Vinod SLSS has become a successful company at an incredible pace. Learning from success is easy; learning from failure is often painful and challenging. Mr.Vinod has known both great success and the triumph of failure. As a result, his life guides the practical experiential approach he brings to his work. It is this more than anything else that inspires and motivates his clients. He also brings a profound depth of compassion and energy to all he does. His positive attitude spurs others to seek and find their own path to a happy destiny.

Mr. Vinod has received numerous awards honors and accolades, for his impressive business credentials and his significant efforts towards philanthropy works..

Mr. Anuj Singhal

A professional CPA, Graduated from the University of Notre dame, had a distinguished career in the corporate world, worked at Western Michigan University. He is an expert in business opportunity analysis, training and developing diverse sales teams. He has been extremely successful in developing managers and teams because of his unique ability to observe and analyze interesting patterns in team dynamics, exceptional interpersonal skills and willingness to share his analysis/rich experience, thereby generating results for the organization.

Mr. Anuj is an avid learner, mature communicator and his strength lies in his tremendous belief in human potential. This highly empowering belief has helped him find Operational Excellence at SLSS. He attributes his success to his ability to effectively work with people and build successful teams.

Mr. Ankur Singhal

A graduate from Bangalore University has been instrumental in streamlining & implementing various aspects related to operations at SLSS. He has a thorough understanding of all the operational processes of the organization. A good example of a operational professional who is also a business enabler. He joined SLSS in 2010 and has taken on various assignments and currently the COO of Shri Lakshmi Steel Suppliers. Prior to this current assignment, he was the Sales & Marketing Head for 2 years. Mr. Ankur loves to travel, is a movie enthusiast & enjoys challenges which take him out of his comfort zone.